We had a great discussion during my session. We talked about suggestions for simplifiying the K12 Website, what makes a good K12 Online presentation, how to run a LAN party, AUPs and blocking websites at schools. The session started without the link for the moderators and many of us had a great time reaching out to our networks in various ways to get the link so we could record the session. I copied and pasted the chat from the session - I think this runs for the first 2 hours of the evening.

Elluminate Chat from 12am - 2am GMT

PeggyG: My practice hasn't changed yet but I definitely plan to share a few of these presentations in various PD sessions to inspire thinking and motivate change.

Beth Lloyd: Hi Alice...just back from trick or treaters at the door!

KarenJanowski: Great to see you again, Beth!

Lorna: never just a parent

KarenJanowski: @sheila_A just dropped by trick or treating at my house!

Me: Hi everyone

KarenJanowski: HI, Liz

Beth Lloyd: Hey Karen! I have my days right!

PeggyG: Hi Liz! Great to see you!

KarenJanowski: congrats!

KarenJanowski: Liz did you see my twit about driving by Belmont Hill?

PeggyG: People keep asking me which presos were the best and I'm having a hard time picking!!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hi Lizbdavis!

Me: @Karen Yes. Sorry I missed you.

KarenJanowski: This is so exciting to be part of the first hour of the 24 hour When Night Falls!

Me: Hi Alice

KarenJanowski: @liz - can I drop in another time? would that work at your school?

mrsdurff: fantastic gail

PeggyG: Good for you gaild!! You're off to a great start!

mrsdurff: who else?

DaveC: Gaild, you need to release the mic

Chris Betcher: someone is holding their mic button down

Beth Lloyd: @PeggyG where can I find the link to the green screen secret?

gaild: it has been wonderful!!!

gaild: yes ... i know a few translators too....

PeggyG: Looking for the green screen link--just a minute

Me: I think I will have the moderator link soon.

Me: Chris I will DM it to you.

gaild: my talk button seems to be sticking...

sylvia martinez: bye everyone, have to run to the market!

sylvia martinez: i'll drop by later on

PeggyG: Phoenix AZ

gaild: no more NOT!

PeggyG: still hot in Phoenix--94 degrees today

Beth Lloyd: right!

PeggyG: Yes share the parent portal!

gaild: yes

Lorna: www.portal.ourschool.ca

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): No way!!!

PeggyG: I loved the video in the parent presentation of Matt's students in Washington DC. That would definitely hook parents.

gaild: LOL .... who needs to get a life?

Beth Lloyd: NO, not yet!

Me: I have lots of them in my aggregator.

PeggyG: Not even close on all the videos. But they're all on my ipod and I'm working my way through

Beth Lloyd: I liked the range of styles...

Beth Lloyd: lots of different ways to present!

gaild: Lorna - I'm there .... having a bit of a bandwidth slowdown too perhaps

PeggyG: We're having a State Standards committee meeting next week and I plan to use several of the presos to share and discuss during their working lunch.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): As hard as it was for presenters, I kike the 20 minute session length

KarenJanowski: keep getting interrupted by trick or treaters

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): like

Chris Betcher: try it with http: in front

PeggyG: think the link needs the http: to be clickable

Lorna: http://www.portal.ourschool.ca

Beth Lloyd: I even liked some of the 10 minute ones

gaild: that is better, no - but not a hot link

KarenJanowski: @bethlloyd did a great presentation - Changing Disabilities to Possibilities

KarenJanowski: yes, the 10 - 20 minutes presentations were a very effective length

mrsdurff: Evidently the neighbor kids are using up the bandwidth again - sigh

PeggyG: @KarenJanowski-Talke about that-I haven't seen it yet

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Great time length to sahre with teachers

Sarah Sutter: Perfect for short tech sessions - great intros to discussions.

Jennifer McCaleb: back from trick or treaters for a few minutes...crazy here right now

Beth Lloyd: you're too kind!

PeggyG: Beth-why did you choose Voicethread as your tool of choice?

Chris Betcher: If you havn't done so already, can you add yourself to the map at http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=12.554564,-35.507812&spn=168.87031,360&z=1&msid=100025614784655674079.0004579462d62e598e42d

PeggyG: yes can hear fine

Mobbsey: Yep

mrsdurff: yes

Me: Yes

Beth Lloyd: can anyone hear me?

Chris Betcher: yes we can hear you'

Me: We can hear you Beth

DaveC: Beth, you'll need to release the mic.

Chris Betcher: let go of the mic

PeggyG: are you using any of the online text to audio tools?

Chris Betcher: Beth...

KarenJanowski: I use them all the time

mrsdurff: unclick the mic

gaild: yes ... I have discovered something new today!

Chris Betcher: Oh Be-e-e-e-e-eth

PeggyG: @Karen--talk about which ones you like and why

Jennifer McCaleb: i WAS INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT TEXT TO audio also. which ones are the easiest to use?

Chris Betcher: its working fine gail

PeggyG: computers have a way of keeping us humble

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @chrisB The link for the map goes to a Presidential Historic Map?

KarenJanowski: @jennifer, @ Peggy - check them out here - http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com/Free+text+to+speech

PeggyG: How resourceful Chris!!

Me: I have some people working on it too.

charbeck: email me the moderator for the morning chris.harbeck@gmail.com

gaild: part of the problem may be that we are all multi-tasking and several people may be having "compatibility" issues

DaveC: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=12.554564,-35.507812&spn=168.87031,360&z=1&msid=100025614784655674079.0004579462d62e598e42d

DaveC: That's the link to the map...

PeggyG: I have seen the tool kit--I'd love to hear you talk about some you really like and why

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): I think the tom tom are going as other moderators are now asking about priviledges

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Thanks DaveC

PeggyG: didn't see that preso yet Durff

KarenJanowski: durff - didn't get your question

Chris Betcher: try that one Alice... http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=12.554564,-35.507812&spn=168.87031,360&z=1&msid=100025614784655674079.0004579462d62e598e42d

KarenJanowski: you were breakng up

Chris Betcher: hmmm, that's the same link

PeggyG: who's presentation Durff?

KarenJanowski: didn't see that one yet - do you recommend it?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Strange, this time I had K12Online option.

Me: I really liked Alice, Bob and Cheryl's keynote

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Probably me

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @lizbdavis Thanks so much

KarenJanowski: i've heard great things about your presentation Alice, haven't seen it yet

PeggyG: Yes lizbdavis! It was fun to watch the process used as well as hear the content from Alice, Bob,Cheryl

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): We had so much fun making it. Really was a conversation.

mrsdurff: it looked fun!

mrsdurff: good qt

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hand hold with students

mrsdurff: i've done both

mrsdurff: don't own Flips

PeggyG: The flip video cam really encourages spontaneous capturing of conversations!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings):

mrsdurff: my students do own editing

PeggyG: It was fun watching people using flip cams during Ignite Phoenix this week. They were everywhere

mrsdurff: want to have students use outsourced video clips this year

gaild: Karen: q for you - we have exchanged comments on autism - have you ever tried using pivot with these students???

mrsdurff: what is pivot?

KarenJanowski: @galid - no, what is pivot?

Chris Betcher: http://my.plc.nsw.edu.au/mod/forum/view.php?id=9057

charbeck: @durff outsource??

Beth lloyd: goblins and ghosts took over my computer...back on now!

mrsdurff: get video from another country

charbeck: thx

mrsdurff: from partner classrooms

gaild: Moderator q - is elluminate an Adobe product?

mrsdurff: no

Chris Betcher: No gail

KarenJanowski: if at least two teachers from every school watched the videos from K12 online conference, would school every be the same?

Lorna: @Chriswhat software was used to transfer files and edit

KarenJanowski: ever be the same?

mrsdurff: Adobe Connect is their conferencing thing

Sarah Sutter: @karenjan What if all teachers watched two videos . .

Lorna: moives and moblie phone

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): For Flip?

Lorna: as well with Alice and flip cameras

KarenJanowski: @sarah - oohhhh the possibilities!

mrsdurff: and sarah?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): We used macs

Lorna: and i movie

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): We used Isquint, and Quicktime

Sarah Sutter: Using flip, basic digital cams movie setting, and sony handycams much less so since the others are so easy.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Then Bob meshed the three viseos using Final Cut

Lorna: both

Sarah Sutter: iMovie mostly - I've got quicktime pro for some quickie edits.

Me: How did you judge the videos?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): The flip videos give the filmer some real freedom

PeggyG: http://flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com/Keynote this is the link with the explanation about how to do the green screen--done by Dean Shareski

Sarah Sutter: I've used Final Cut mostly for my own work, but we don't have licenses for kids.

mrsdurff: two vids there

Lorna: thanks

mrsdurff: my kids learned there

Beth lloyd: Thanks doe the link, Peggy

mrsdurff: now they want me to buy them pinnacle

KarenJanowski: @galid - what is pivot?

PeggyG: That sounds great--green world plans

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Nice! This big global issues are important

mrsdurff: that is a really innovative idea

Chris Betcher: http://my.plc.nsw.edu.au/course/view.php?id=447 that was the info we gave the kids...

gaild: Stick figure creator .... we'll communicate after...

Chris Betcher: you should ahve guest access...

mrsdurff: for this poor teacher it is expensive

PeggyG: Have you seen the Carbon Rally website? encourages people to accept regular challenges for reducing carbon--very educational with lots of great information AND motivation

KarenJanowski: do you have a link?

PeggyG: http://www.carbonrally.com/

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @PeggyG Thanks!

Chris Betcher: Liz, we had a committee of teachers judge the videos based on the published criteria, and I've also added the movies to a Moodle forum so that others can comment and feedback on their work

PeggyG: I joined the AZ Carbon Rally team and am very excited about the challenges I've participated in--one was reducing printing, one was reducing cooliing by 2 degrees every day

Lorna: @gaild what is you blog url

charbeck: give kids freedom

charbeck: they will produce wonderful stuff

charbeck: we hold them back

charbeck: facilitate not educate

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Yes @charbeck

PeggyG: Awesome Moodle site, Chris!!

charbeck: love your stuff alice

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @charbeck Thank you so much. Love yours too!

gaild: Karen: just google it.... or follow up with me by email

charbeck: or just to live Durff

charbeck: agree totally

mrsdurff: uh?

mrsdurff: what did i miss?

charbeck: they need this to get through life

PeggyG: I thought the global classroom project presos were really informative--Kim Cofino/Jen Wagner and Vicki Davis/Julie Lindsay!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Durff haven;t finished yet!

KarenJanowski: good question, durff - still have so many to view

laura Deisley: working on correct link having toruble getting sheryl again, and I cannot get Dean....

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): So many good ones, which is great!

PeggyG: Such a great point! I wish I had these web 2.0 tools when I was a principal!!

gaild: Lorna - I am putting up a video for you at www.ld-technokids.com ... definitely we need to talk ..... I have to sign out, * have many people, mostly younger than me, in my house!!!!

Chris Betcher: the 20 minute time limit was a big improvement... (but tough to make!)

Me: Please add your thoughts about this hour of When Night Falls to the wiki here: http://whennightfalls08.wikispaces.com/12+AM+GMT Especially since we haven't been able to record the session.

Chris Betcher: dave

DaveC: @Chris, your video was one that I showed to staff. You have a very welcoming video personality.

Me: Thanks. I moderate in ten minutes.

Chris Betcher: thanks dave

PeggyG: it has been amazing to see how much content can be packed into 20 min. presos! The practical suggestions really help teachers and administors have the courage to try.

Chris Betcher: Hi Laura

charbeck: has anyone heard me???

charbeck: perhaps I am too quiet

KarenJanowski: I'm feeling like I should leave this conversation and go watch more presentations!

Chris Betcher: yes Chris, we heard you come through

charbeck: thanks Chris

KarenJanowski: liz, you are breaking up

charbeck: phew

PeggyG: I also loved the backchanneling preso by Scott Snyder. He demonstrated some valuable uses for high school and did comparisons of the various online tools for backchannelling.

KarenJanowski: anyone else have that problem with liz?

mrsdurff: not here Karen

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @karen Can hear her fine

mrsdurff: her audio is fine here

Beth lloyd: Yes, I also liked the backchanneling presentation.

ehelfant: audio fine here

PeggyG: I'm hearing fine!

mrsdurff: i hear you

Beth lloyd: Liz, we can hear!

mrsdurff: i talk to myself too

laura Deisley: I hear you fine Liz...

Allanahk: ROFL Liz

mrsdurff: we practiced tracking the speaker today

mrsdurff: with eyes

Beth lloyd: I loved how those quiet kids were given a voice through back channeling!

Chris Betcher: If I did another preso I'd try to make sure it worked in both video AND audio formats... so much easier to listen to on the drive to work... finding 40 x 20 minutes is tough!

PeggyG: Yes Beth! Scott was very persuasive!

KarenJanowski: ok, it's my computer, i keep losing her

charbeck: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=280 is a must

Chris Betcher: that's a hard question.... since many of us haven't seen that many

mrsdurff: great qt!

Me: Great question.

Lee Kolbert: I have to catch through my iTunes feed.

Susanvg: still so many to watch

Allanahk: @betchaboy- something you have to see to understand- some wouldn't work on audio only

PeggyG: I loved Sylvia's preso on Gaming in Education too!! It would be a great one to show staff to help them understand pros/cons and alternatives. The power comes from students creating their own games!

DaveC: YES!

laura Deisley: still can't get anyone...I keep trying...argh!

Susanvg: Yes - I loved that one too

KarenJanowski: loved that one!

KarenJanowski: and I agree about the voice

charbeck: loved the cathederals

Susanvg: and a great voice

Susanvg: just didn't like the background music

PeggyG: the personal stories and experiences have been so valuable! outstanding modeling of use of tools to tell a story!

Me: Please add your favorite session to the wiki http://whennightfalls08.wikispaces.com/12+AM+GMT

KarenJanowski: leaving to go watch a few more presos

PeggyG: I can't pick a favorite

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Great point@charbeck a nice mix this year

Me: In the morning?

Me: Yikes

PeggyG: the sugar high may be what keeps people going for 24 hours

Allanahk: Was down for doing a session later but going out so have removeds myself from the wiki

Jennifer McCaleb: bye...kids just came home and I've got to go...i'll be back in the morning. thnaks everyone.

mrsdurff: very excellent job!!

Me: clap clap clap

PeggyG: will someone be saving the chats for all of these sessions?

PeggyG: fantastic kickoff to the culminating activity

Chris Betcher: Thanks everyone... will be back a bit later.

PeggyG: I'm thinking we can save it each time as an hour ends--that will work won't it?

Chris Betcher: But hey, I'll see you on Twitter anyway

laura Deisley: Working on getting moderator privileges...does anyone have Dean Shareski's cell number??

PeggyG: Thanks Chris!!!

laura Deisley: Working on getting moderator privileges...does anyone have Dean Shareski's cell number??

PeggyG: the wide view works really well for me

mrsdurff: yes

mrsdurff: hold on

Chris Betcher: Dave I just cut and pasted the chat so we can at least capture it that way..

DaveC: Excllent, thanks Chris.

laura Deisley: Thanks, Chris....hoping to get instructions from Dean!

laura Deisley: Thanks...

PeggyG: You can click on the save icon at the top to save the text chat

PeggyG: looks like a little floppy disk

Lorna: go Peggy

mrsdurff: I remember those

Allanahk: Have rung Sheryl N-B she said she will get on to helping get moderator provelges to the people who know- she would have Dean cell number I should thing

PeggyG: not using my mic-sorry--Didn't want to wear headphones for hours on end

Me: That is the great thing about K12 Online we know they are waiting for us

DaveC: See you talking Susan, can't hear you.

mrsdurff: sounds like a song on tv by mr. rogers

Susanvg: haven't mike problems

Sarah Sutter: Sorry about that - something malfunctioned.

PeggyG: Allanah--I really loved the NZ preso on action research in early childhood!

PeggyG: LOL

charbeck: Hi Alannah big fan thanks for being ther

charbeck: here

Lee Kolbert: I'm here from South Florida, USA

PeggyG: I have already shared the action research stuff with my faculty colleagues at ASU-AZ State Univ.-we require action research projects for all teacher prep students and that really showed the value of action research from a teacher's perspective!

Silvia Tolisano: Here from North FLorida/USA Hi Lee

Lee Kolbert: Hi Silvia!

PeggyG: everyone's shy

Mobbsey: yep

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @PeggyG Just warming up

PeggyG: tell us about what it's like on the help desk

Claudia N.: I am mentoring a group of 16 teachers and I am going to have them watch Welcome to TEACH WEB 2.0

PeggyG: What were the big technical questions people had for the help desk?

Susanvg: I've recommended a few to my colleagues - enjoyed Blogging buddies - definitely H. Songai's session

Kim Cofino: Hi All

Allanahk: Hey Kim

PeggyG: you can open a new white board screen and still keep the original

Silvia Tolisano: We had a LAN party this past week and Kim Cofino and Jen Wagner's presentation, Cheryl, Alice & Bob's, Brian Crosby, Never too young were some of the presentations we watched

Silvia Tolisano: I pretty muched lived on the "Schedule" page

Me: There actually is a wiki with all of the links and times. But it is a bit hard to find

PeggyG: I think it would help if the previous years' stuff could be removed from the current site to make it less overwhelming. The schedule page was my home base.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Silvia Your Lan Party was with teachers from your school?

laura Deisley: Ok, got Sheryl and she's trying to get the matching link...hold on...

PeggyG: Yes, too much information on the home page.

Mobbsey: I'll be back later *wave*

PeggyG: The 2006 and 2007 links are above the 2008 links so you really have to scroll down to find the current stuff

charbeck: See you all bright and early in the morning 600 cst or 10 hrs from now

Me: I agree, I think if the home page was cleaner it would help

Me: Yes - Kim I totally agree.

PeggyG: Good point Liz

charbeck: thanks for participating in When night falls

charbeck: ye

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Bye@charbeck! See you soon!

Me: Good point about the blog format. The right tool for the right job

Claudia N.: I like be able to go back to previous year and compare.

Lee Kolbert: Schedule: http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online2008schedule.html

PeggyG: Is Voicethread the only alternative for leaving comments?

Claudia N.: I totally agree that I used the schedule page.

LucyGray: Hi everyone... what's going on?

Lee Kolbert: main page; http://k12onlineconference.org/

laura Deisley: @claudia: you could post a comment to the blog post if you preferred

PeggyG: Hi Lucy! Welcome!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hey Lucy!

laura Deisley: @claudia: you could post a comment to the blog post if you preferred

PeggyG: maybe we could have a video right on the home page for "how to navigate the site" ???

LucyGray: Hi Peggy and Alice! I'm sitting on my front porch giving candy away and trying to catch a bit of your conversation

Susanvg: third year following the conference

PeggyG: this is my 3rd year

Silvia Tolisano: third year of following

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Lucy Is it warm enough to be on the porch?

Sarah Sutter: Second year

Me: http://whennightfalls08.wikispaces.com/1+AM+GMT

LucyGray: Yeah, it's been cold for the past week, but today we were up in the 60's

LucyGray: It's probably 50 out right now

Allanahk: No fourth years! LOL

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Lucy here too (Maine) Nice treat...

PeggyG: I think the NotK12online conference added complexity to the conference that confused people--especially newbies

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Not a trick

Me: LOL great point Lee

PeggyG: excellent point--if a video is needed for navigation the site is probably too complex!

Moderator: Hye everyone!

DaveC: hello!

Lee Kolbert: Send feedback here: kolbert@mac.com

PeggyG: yeah Dean!! the rescuer!!

Allanahk: Yay!

Silvia Tolisano: I used the RSS feed of the blog in my Readers, but only the schedule when directly on the website

DaveC: Liz and I are the mods this hour

Sarah Sutter: Hooray, a moderator!

Me: Dave C and I

Susanvg: how do we get moderator status later

Allanahk: No we are cooking with gas

PeggyG: so you need to be a moderator to be able to record the conversation, right?

PeggyG: so we just lost the first hour recording--not bad

PeggyG: yes, I remember something about one moderator staying on until the next one started up (from last year)

Allanahk: I rang Sheryl on my cell from NZ- isn't it great that we connect in these sorts of ways

Lori Sheldon: so I moderate in about 12 hrs, I don't have to worry about priv. until closer to time?

Moderator (laura Deisley): @lori et al....I will email everyone the moderator link who is moderating

Moderator (laura Deisley): then you are automatically a moderator when you logi in

Moderator (lizbdavis): Thanks Laura

PeggyG: I know we can save the text chat on our own but not the audio

Allanahk: I was going to meodereate later on but forgot about it and now have another engagement

Moderator (laura Deisley): log in

Lori Sheldon: @laura deisley, many thanks!

Kim Cofino: If I remember from last year, the moderators got a seperate link and anytime they logged in, they were given the appropriate privelages

PeggyG: That's great Laura!

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): Allanank what time?

Moderator (laura Deisley): pretty cool, yes!

Allanahk: Hooray!

Moderator (21st Century Collaborative, LLC): I was in the middle of a food drive walking down a street in Canada when Laura left a message

PeggyG: what a testimony for social networking!!

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap>

Moderator (laura Deisley): flexibility, adaptability, problem solving, wahoo!

Allanahk: And reslience

Moderator (laura Deisley): so, let us figure this out and you all keep up the good conversation about K12

Allanahk: Not giving up

PeggyG: have any of the presenters who are in this chat received feedback yet--if so would you be willing to share?

Moderator (lizbdavis): I hear you Susan - are you there?

PeggyG: I heard Susan too

Moderator (lizbdavis): Dave how do you call on someone if they raise their hand?

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): To set up your microphone, Go to Tools > Audio > Audio Setup

Silvia Tolisano: No have been here a while

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): You should be hearing sound. If you are having trouble, please type your question here.

Silvia Tolisano: That's ok

Steve Sokoloski: Hello Liz & Everybody

Moderator (laura Deisley): @Dean--Can you give me the specific m oderator link to send to everyone please?

Moderator (lizbdavis): Very interesting suggestion. Night falls a week later to give time to get to all of the sessions.

PeggyG: That is a great suggestion about delaying when night falls for a week. Gives us more time to view presos and also avoids the change in daylight savings time issues

Steve Sokoloski: I know I am way behind in looking at sessions.

Susanvg: today! how about lots of the others!

Claudia N.: I am also because I don't have the bandwidth at school.

Moderator (laura Deisley): What about releasing the presos over 3 weeks instead of 2?

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): LOL

Silvia Tolisano: No matter what you will do, there is always something postitive and negative with either scenario

Allanahk: Yeah- this time of year is very busy as we draw to a close of our school year

Claudia N.: I think 3 weeks would be better.

PeggyG: I don't think it would cause a loss in momentum. We had the Fireside Chat yesterday and that was very motivating!

Moderator (21st Century Collaborative, LLC) to DaveC, lizbdavis, laura Deisley, Lee Kolbert, 21st Century Collaborative, LLC: As long as someone is here.....you can simply promote folks

Allanahk: Saturday 2:30 pm here in NZ

PeggyG: It's Friday night here and that isn't a great time to start interacting. Teachers are tired!!

Kim Cofino: Saturday, 8:30 am in Bangkok, Thailand

Moderator (laura Deisley): there are a few times that there isn't anyone...

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): but that would cause a snowball effect for the next preso and the next

Moderator (laura Deisley): same issue last year...

Silvia Tolisano: Florida.USA 21:30 Friday night

Moderator (21st Century Collaborative, LLC) to DaveC, lizbdavis, laura Deisley, Lee Kolbert, 21st Century Collaborative, LLC: Here's the link if you think it will help

Moderator (21st Century Collaborative, LLC) to DaveC, lizbdavis, laura Deisley, Lee Kolbert, 21st Century Collaborative, LLC: https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2007122&miuid=4B5DB9875A9566FBD072EC755333D2E7

Moderator (21st Century Collaborative, LLC) to DaveC, lizbdavis, laura Deisley, Lee Kolbert, 21st Century Collaborative, LLC: right

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hi Sheila!

sheila adams: Hi Alice

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): Mac too

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): right click on mac too.

PeggyG: and you don't see that if you're not a moderator

sheila adams to Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Thanks for helping! Browser switch worked.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Good idea Sheila!

PeggyG: great problemsolving!

Moderator (lizbdavis): On a mac you can also control click on the name

Moderator (lizbdavis): We're going

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): we can control you but you can't control yourself :LOL

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): yes, we're good

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): Thank you, Dean

Moderator (DaveC): thanks

PeggyG: Has anyone been getting or leaving feedback/responses on the Voicethreads?

Susanvg: no time

Susanvg: have to leave - be back in the morning (EDT)

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @PeggyG We have had some feedback

Silvia Tolisano: Cleaning up the Whiteboard

PeggyG: Bye Susanvg-have a great night

Allanahk: Yeap I have left a few Voictread comments

Moderator (21st Century Collaborative, LLC): I'm going to take off....some friends are popping by in a few minutes and my wife has "jobs" for me...I'll pop by later...take care and have a great visit

PeggyG: Alice-can you talk about the VT feedback? Do you think it's working as a tool for this?

anachorete: i'm from luxembourg

Silvia Tolisano: Hi anachorete. What time is it for you?

anachorete: 2.33

PeggyG: I would like to see the option of written feedback too (in addition to VT). The structured questions didn't always allow me to say what I was thinking and wanted to share.

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): @peggy, maybe an additional VT for open feedback?

Moderator (lizbdavis): Great question!

PeggyG: Claudia-that is such a great question and one that I wish was asked on the final evaluation. It would be valuable information for organizers

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): one of the ways is to follow Twitter (@k12online)

Silvia Tolisano: Claudia, I followed your blog you wrote from China

anachorete: i read about it @twitter

Silvia Tolisano: I went to China a few weeks after you

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @peggyG Also I think some people prefer gathering their thoughts via writing while others are more comfortable just speaking

Claudia N.: I thought that was you!!!

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): word of mouth, twitter, conferences

Silvia Tolisano: and blogged to my students

Claudia N.: I remember you great blog!!!

PeggyG: I have been following k12online from the beginning and am often the "promoter" of it in our area. Always surprised that people haven't heard about it!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hey Steve! Nice to see you

Steve Sokoloski: Hi Alice

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): If you are not following on Twitter, please consider it> http://twitter.com/k12online

PeggyG: yes Alice--if you're not comfortable leaving an audio comment, your text comment might be too long to leave in a VT.

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): I agree with you Alice

PeggyG: the people we need to reach are not necessarily people who are on Twitter

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): @peggy you are right

Moderator (DaveC): Did you say "word blur"?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): blur

PeggyG: they also are not usually familiar with RSS feeds so we have a lot of "teaching" to do to help them become aware of these great resources!

Claudia N.: I agree that we need to reach out to people that don't twitter. I don't twitter because it is blocked at school

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Was my speaking a blur?

PeggyG: I think our heads are a blur Alice

Silvia Tolisano: The LAN part was an amazing way to introduce K12 to some new teachers

Steve Sokoloski: I know I posted it at our Regional Tech Council Wiki and talked about it in meetings. Stil lan odd concept for most, even in my local tech community.

PeggyG: I thought the LAN party was an awesome way to introduce it. We did that last year.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @lizbdavis *blushing Thanks

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Silvia That is so fun! A LAN party!

Claudia N.: NICE to heat your voice Silvia.

PeggyG: I'm thinking of having a LAN party even now that the conference is over because we can choose presos from the entire conference.

Moderator (lizbdavis): What does LAN stand for?

Claudia N.: LOL, meant hear.

Kim Cofino: Local Area Network

Moderator (laura Deisley): You rock. Thanks for all your patience. I'm so glad we were able to get a hold of Dean! Talk to you soon, I'm sure I'll get some calls, so I'm going to take a little snooze...

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Which sessions did you share?

PeggyG: it just means bringing small groups of people together in an informal setting to view presos together and have conversations

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Did yo have conversation or debrief after?

PeggyG: the food, beverages, home setting and wireless access all made it a successful event!

PeggyG: we even created a voicethread while we were together to share our reflections on the presos we watched together. It was great fun!

Allanahk: Hey Sarah

PeggyG: choosing which presos we wanted to watch was the biggest challenge of the evening

PeggyG: we watched one common preso and then all of us individually watched separate presos and then shared

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): What a neat way to do it.

Allanahk: Having a party would be a great idea

PeggyG: the "party" made it really comfortable--very casual and fun! away from the school setting so it didn't feel like traditional PD!

Allanahk: Hey Amanda- another Kiwi Yay

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Coool idea Liz!

PeggyG: If bandwidth is an issue for LAN parties, you can download them to your iPod and connect it to a TV or projector.

Moderator (lizbdavis): Thanks Alice

Silvia Tolisano: I thin kI got kicked out?

PeggyG: That would be a great idea to help people learn about LAN parties. I think Jeff Utecht did a great description of it last year. He started the idea I think.

heymilly: Hey Allanah! Yah the Kiwi's indeed!

Silvia Tolisano: looks like I got kicked out

Silvia Tolisano: I created a video with my flip camera

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Food for thought... Great minds here!

Silvia Tolisano: http://langwitches.org/blog/2008/10/30/k12-onlince-conference-lan-party/

Silvia Tolisano: You can watch the video thre

Silvia Tolisano: there

PeggyG: You can also just download them to your computer and project them if bandwidth is an issue for streaming presos

Moderator (lizbdavis): Silvia you are just way ahead of us!

Moderator (DaveC): There is a jello brain on my counter. Hope it's not mine, but that could explain a lot...

Silvia Tolisano: No just following the trio in Maine's example

PeggyG: Thanks Sylvia! That is great!

Kathy Cassidy to Marama: @Marama Is that you Amanda?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): It's great Silvia!

Silvia Tolisano: Thank you Alice

PeggyG: We're all reading Silvia's blog

Steve Sokoloski: Slivia - you are sparking a bunch of ways to piggyback on this central idea.

PeggyG: I'd like to hear other reactions to Notk12online

Marama to Kathy Cassidy: Nope this is Marama, from NZ

PeggyG: The pre-conference keynote was great in the last 8 minutes or so--off to a very slow start--and not very motivating to watch a talking head for so long.

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): Its very hard to get the same experience in a podcast

Kathy Cassidy to Marama: OOOps! Sorry. Just got here. Her location is on the white board.

PeggyG: fast forward

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Unfortunately I didn't get to the end either

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): as in RL

Danita: Silvia - I'd like to Skype in the next time you do a LAN party

PeggyG: he ended with a very inspiring quote

PeggyG: That is so true! We need a kick-off preso/keynote that models the k12online style of collaborating

Silvia Tolisano: Danita, will you send me an e-mail with your skype id?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): I think it's hard to make a presentation when you are thrying to instruct via computer

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: Danita.russell Skype

PeggyG: I don't think there is one best way to present--we all have different ways of learning.

Silvia Tolisano: PeggyG- That would be an amazing keynote and very helpful to us tech leaders at school

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: jeffanddanita@gmail.com

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: we met at NECC last year, don't know if you remember

PeggyG: The content and the process are both important!

PeggyG: If I'm really interested in the content I overlook the delivery style.

Allanahk: Hey Marama- I am coming up your way n a couple of weeks

PeggyG: I was totally surprised by how much I learned from the action research presentation--on many levels even though it wasn't a "dynamic" delivery style. It was so great to see/hear the successful parent involvement projects as a result of their action research.

Silvia Tolisano to Danita: Must have been FETC, right. I have not made it to NECC yet

Marama to Allanahk: Hi, where aer you coming up From?

Marama to Allanahk: Where do you teach?

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: That was it. Sorry, they all seem to run together after awhile ;o)

PeggyG: That is such a great idea about Skyping in during a LAN party. We might actually be able to have a Skype conversation with the presenter we are watching! Love it!

Allanahk to Marama: I am in Nelson- coming up to PN on 19 Nov

Silvia Tolisano to Danita: Are you going to FETC again in Jan

Danita: I love that idea Peggy!

Allanahk to Marama: Spent 10 years teaching in Foxton and 10 years in Marton- does that make me real old LOL

Silvia Tolisano: PeggyG, That's how we felt about being able to talk to Kim

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: no, are county doesn't have the money this year and I don't have the vacation time. Are you going?

PeggyG: Isn't it great that we can pause a preso and replay it when we get one of those aha moments!!??

Allanahk to Marama: What do you do

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: I thought it was one of the better conferences I have been to.

heymilly: Hey Marama!

Marama: I think that just like when we cater for our students we should give options for an online audience.

Allanahk to heymilly: Hey Amanda- fancy meeting you here!

Silvia Tolisano: It finally seemed to sink in for my principal, how important the network connections are in order to become "global"

Marama to Allanahk: I teach at Russell Street School, Year 5 and 6

PeggyG: I find myself intrigued by how the presenters actually created their videos--another layer of value in the preso!

PeggyG: yes--blocked tools are a BIG issue in AZ

heymilly to Allanahk: Heya! haha why do you say that?!

Silvia Tolisano to Danita: Yes, I will be presenting about Geography and Tech integration this time

Danita: I'm going to get fired over arguing for sites to be unblocked ;o)

Moderator (lizbdavis): Sorry I just had to step away because some kids came to my door trick or treating (it's 10pm here). I'm such a teacher, I kind of yelled at them.

Sarah Sutter: Lots are blocked - usually I can get one thing at a time unblocked with requests, though.

Silvia Tolisano: No issues about things being blocked, since I am the one making the decision at our private elementary school

Allanahk to Marama: I like Yr 4/5 that I had last year. Next year I will have 3/4 A bit young for my liking but there you go!!!

Sarah Sutter: It definitely makes you pick your battles, though.

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: that sounds great - would love to see your preso. Will you be streaming it?

Moderator (lizbdavis): Kids know how to get around the blocking if they really want to.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): I think it's important that there be teachers and tech folks in on the discussion of unblocking.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @lizbdavis Youa re so right

Silvia Tolisano to Danita: If I fidn someone to stream it for me.

Sarah Sutter: It's more of a barrier for the teachers who either don't know how or are unwilling to go around the filters than it is for the kids.

PeggyG: sometimes I think we need to take the tools "offline" to provide some great examples to show the value in order to get the approved for school use. Visual examples, videos are powerful!

Silvia Tolisano to Danita: Will share as I am preparing for the presentation too

Marama to heymilly: I like your wiki site, it helped me set up my class blog

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: that would be wonderful!

LaurieneTschang: I agree with that. Kids esp the bigger kids are good at getting away and finding ways around the proxy server/content filtering.

heymilly to Marama: oh really?! Thats fantastic.. good to know people are using it! What's your class blog?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): The more we say no the more they will try to damage and get around networks etc

PeggyG: Liz Kolb has provided some outstanding examples of ways to work with cell phones in instruction outside of the classroom (blog and new book)

Marama to heymilly: http://shaggydogs.edublogs.org/

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Thanks Peggy, she is great!

LaurieneTschang: So what is the best way to go? Allow them , block them or teach them how to use it the right way/

Moderator (lizbdavis): I agree it is especially frustrating when you prepare something because you think it isn't blocked and then it is, or parts of the site are blocked.

Marama: We really need to start trusting our students to make the right decisions about internet access

PeggyG: educate them, don't block them!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Lauriend I would hope teach them. Make god choices!

Marama: I agree PeggyG

Claudia N.: Yeah, I agree that parts will be blocked. I also have nearly weekly changes in blocked sites.

Silvia Tolisano: Exactly my opinion PeggyG

LaurieneTschang: So do not put any content filtering at all?

Marama: We trust them with other aspects of their lives, internet is just the next step

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Marama and if they are involved in the conversation, they often reach the same conclusion as what we hope

heymilly to Marama: Thanks!

PeggyG: Was it Alec Courosa's preso that he talked about how will students learn responsibility if everything is blocked?

GMcF: Some school districts leave many things unblocked but have methods to monitor and flag students who go to inappropriate pages.

PeggyG: you have to meet the CIPA requirements for filtering in US

heymilly to Marama: Must go write reports - too much good discussion and topics here that i'm not concentrating.

heymilly: Must go write reports - too much good discussion and topics here that i'm not concentrating.

PeggyG: sorry heymilly--this is much more fun than writing reports

heymilly: PeggyG - I know... hence why i'm not getting anything done. This is a great discussion too...

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Many students thinkit' good that it's blocked. They admit they use it too much

PeggyG: we need to develop new AUPs that really reflect the power and value of web 2.0 tools--many are very outdated!

micwalker: I polled 180 sophomores about whether facebook would enhance their learning. 9 said yes! Most said it would be a major distraction.

Claudia N.: Peggy THAT is a great point that AUP are out of date.

PeggyG: David Warlick started a great wiki for compiling 2.0 AUPs.

Moderator (lizbdavis): Monitoring labs is really difficult and no fun.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): I do think we need to use Facebook etc as examples of appropriate digital citizenship

Claudia N.: David is our keynote at Christa Macauliffe conference.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): What will people see when they google you?

Moderator (lizbdavis): It is a tough question.

PeggyG: interesting question Alice!

Allanahk: Hehehehe

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): I think students need to understand that.

Moderator (lizbdavis): That is pretty funny

sheila adams: All for now! Thanks to all!

micwalker: We updated our AUP to include a Web 2.0 Code of Ethics.

PeggyG: This is a fascinating site for educators who blog to look at--timeline--http://allofme.com/

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Need to sleep.... Night all

PeggyG: enter your own name and do a search on allofme--you can read responses you've written on blogs, presos, wikis, photos you've uploaded, etc.

Moderator (lizbdavis): Thanks Lee - should we email the people who have signed up.

zeitz: How was your Web 2.0 AUP different?

Allanahk: Thanks Alice

Silvia Tolisano: Thanks everyone! Have a good night

PeggyG: http://landmark-project.com/aup20/pmwiki.php this is the link for the site David Warlick started for compiling and sharing 2.0 AUPs

Danita to Silvia Tolisano: good night silvia

Moderator (laura Deisley): Liz-I have emailed everyone who signed up...as a reminder and with the link....

PeggyG: Good night Silvia!

zeitz: Thanks, PeggyG

Moderator (lizbdavis): Thanks Laura and Lee I'm going to say goodnight. These headphones are not that comfortable and it is getting late here.

Steve Sokoloski: Nite Liz

PeggyG: Good night Liz! Great chatting with you!

Moderator (laura Deisley): Thanks to those who have stepped up to moderate in place of the official moderator for this session!

PeggyG: hooray! welcome to the first year people!! so glad you're here!

Moderator (laura Deisley) to DaveC, lizbdavis, laura Deisley, Lee Kolbert: Thanks to those who have stepped up to moderate in place of the official moderator for this session!

Claudia N.: I would like to say good night.I had a good time.

PeggyG: do you need instructions about how to take the mic?

micwalker: I click on the mic but it doesn't turn yellow.

PeggyG: what kinds of things have you been helping people with from the help desk, Lee?

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): yes

Marama: yep

PeggyG: little loud

rozansdm: yes

PeggyG: last night's fireside chat was fantastic! lots of great ideas and sharing!

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): To set up your microphone, Go to Tools > Audio > Audio Setup

Steve Sokoloski: I am going to be heading out to pick up Ms17 at party. Thanks and nite all!

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): yes

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): you're doing great

PeggyG: Yes we can hear you Lauriene

Danita: PeggyG was the chat recorded somewhere we can access?

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): The audio is being recorded

PeggyG: so many of the presos and chats are blurring together for me

PeggyG: Yes it will be posted I'm sure. Haven't looked yet. I saved it during the show.

Danita: Thanks

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): no audio Marama

Moderator (Lee Kolbert): To set up your microphone, Go to Tools > Audio > Audio Setup

Marama: ok will check it out

PeggyG: sometimes it's hard to know a week in advance which sites a teacher will need unblocked.

PeggyG: many district policies require that kind of lead time to unblock sites

Moderator (DaveC) to Lee Kolbert: Lee, your audio seems to have gotten quieter cmpared to some of the others.