Moderators: Scott Snyder, Lori Sheldon

We had a lively conversation! Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Scott's presentation about Backchanneling, grade levels that would benefit, bringing out the shy kids, tools to use
  • Blogging Buddies preso, benefits for pres-service teachers as well as students, not many pre-service teachers doing anything like that
  • Sylvia Martinez's preso on Gaming: discussion of Scratch & fact there are higher level, authentic games out there...and kids can create those too!
  • How people found out about the conference: Twitter!
  • Adding our own markers to the map
  • Ideas for getting sites and content unblocked or unfiltered
  • Bandwidth concerns with web 2.0 tools
  • Using tools with special needs students (Beth Lloyd's preso)
  • Matt N's presentation about film making
  • Getting equipment into the room: DonorsChoose, BestBuy Teach,,
  • Taking personal responsibility for professional development

  • K12 Online Conference Site nicely laid out and easy to navigate
  • 6 people back for a second year of the conference
  • 1 person new to the conference
  • people really seemed to like the 20 minute length

  • Fireside chats...maybe have those a week after all the presentations have gone live