This is the text from the opening hour of the When Night Falls 24 hour chat, 2008.

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Note: In this chat, "Me:" refers to Chris Betcher

gaild: yes

Mobbsey: Loud and clear

gaild: hard to wear headphones with a Halloween costume on!

Mobbsey: BRB - breakfast


gaild: intro by web or voice????

gaild: who is first?

Lorna: @gaild where are you from?

gaild: Ottawa

gaild: and you?

gaild: should say ottawa, canada ... oops

gaild: I know you!!!!

PeggyG: HI Lorna! Great to hear your voice when I signed in!!

gaild: absolutely .... I couldn't find your email address anywhere!!!

Lorna: @gaild st catharines Ontario

PeggyG: Rushing around and haven't plugged in my mic.

gaild: ??? is that your email address????


sylvia martinez: happy halloween!

gaild: thank you .... perhaps manana...

PeggyG: sorry I missed the intro. Are we talking about anything specific or K12online across the board?

gaild: are all the north americans in costume?

Sarah Sutter: I was in costume all of the school day - back to comfy clothes at this point.

PeggyG: Hi Sylvia Great to see you

KarenJanowski: Durff, aren't we good enough for your!

KarenJanowski: Hey, Beth!

sylvia martinez: hey peggy!

KarenJanowski: Hi, Peggy, Sarah, Sylvia

KarenJanowski: thanks, durff

PeggyG: Hi KarenJan--what a great gathering to kick off When Night Fall!

sylvia martinez: does this really go 24 hours!?

Me: yes

sylvia martinez: crazy

Jennifer McCaleb: too many trick or treaters...I'll have to come and go for the next hour or so

PeggyG: The green screen secret was amazing! I really want to learn how to do that. Got the link but haven't had time to check it out.

KarenJanowski: hey, Alice!

PeggyG: Trick or treaters are converging in AZ now too

mrsdurff: I want to buy Pinnacle for 8th grade

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hi KAren

Me: I just got back from the fancy dress store from hiring a costume for a party tonight

PeggyG: that would be really interesting to see principal newsletters in Wordle

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hi Beth Hi Sarah

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): HI Durff

Sarah Sutter: Hey there!

gaild: possible technical tip .... do you have to sign in as a moderator?

PeggyG: Hi Alice!

DaveC: Welcome Alice.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): HI Peggy G

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Thanks DaveC

mrsdurff: Songhai

PeggyG: I've been really aware of the language "doing computers" this week. Would love to hear people use different language than doing Voicethread, doing blogs, etc.

mrsdurff: he was at Educon

mrsdurff: secret=paperless except the teacher

mrsdurff: he can have paper

PeggyG: I think Lorna and Matt had some great suggestions in their preso about getting parents involved. Maybe she can talk about that tonight

gaild: yes

PeggyG: My practice hasn't changed yet but I definitely plan to share a few of these presentations in various PD sessions to inspire thinking and motivate change.

Beth Lloyd: Hi Alice...just back from trick or treaters at the door!

KarenJanowski: Great to see you again, Beth!

Lorna: never just a parent

KarenJanowski: @sheila_A just dropped by trick or treating at my house!

lizbdavis: Hi everyone

KarenJanowski: HI, Liz

Beth Lloyd: Hey Karen! I have my days right!

PeggyG: Hi Liz! Great to see you!

KarenJanowski: congrats!

KarenJanowski: Liz did you see my twit about driving by Belmont Hill?

PeggyG: People keep asking me which presos were the best and I'm having a hard time picking!!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hi Lizbdavis!

lizbdavis: @Karen Yes. Sorry I missed you.

KarenJanowski: This is so exciting to be part of the first hour of the 24 hour When Night Falls!

lizbdavis: Hi Alice

KarenJanowski: @liz - can I drop in another time? would that work at your school?

mrsdurff: fantastic gail

PeggyG: Good for you gaild!! You're off to a great start!

mrsdurff: who else?

DaveC: Gaild, you need to release the mic

Me: someone is holding their mic button down

Beth Lloyd: @PeggyG where can I find the link to the green screen secret?

gaild: it has been wonderful!!!

gaild: yes ... i know a few translators too....

PeggyG: Looking for the green screen link--just a minute

lizbdavis: I think I will have the moderator link soon.

lizbdavis: Chris I will DM it to you.

gaild: my talk button seems to be sticking...

sylvia martinez: bye everyone, have to run to the market!

sylvia martinez: i'll drop by later on

PeggyG: Phoenix AZ

gaild: no more NOT!

PeggyG: still hot in Phoenix--94 degrees today

Beth Lloyd: right!

PeggyG: Yes share the parent portal!

gaild: yes


Alice Barr (SEEDlings): No way!!!

PeggyG: I loved the video in the parent presentation of Matt's students in Washington DC. That would definitely hook parents.

gaild: LOL .... who needs to get a life?

Beth Lloyd: NO, not yet!

lizbdavis: I have lots of them in my aggregator.

PeggyG: Not even close on all the videos. But they're all on my ipod and I'm working my way through

Beth Lloyd: I liked the range of styles...

Beth Lloyd: lots of different ways to present!

gaild: Lorna - I'm there .... having a bit of a bandwidth slowdown too perhaps

PeggyG: We're having a State Standards committee meeting next week and I plan to use several of the presos to share and discuss during their working lunch.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): As hard as it was for presenters, I kike the 20 minute session length

KarenJanowski: keep getting interrupted by trick or treaters

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): like

Me: try it with http: in front

PeggyG: think the link needs the http: to be clickable


Beth Lloyd: I even liked some of the 10 minute ones

gaild: that is better, no - but not a hot link

KarenJanowski: @bethlloyd did a great presentation - Changing Disabilities to Possibilities

KarenJanowski: yes, the 10 - 20 minutes presentations were a very effective length

mrsdurff: Evidently the neighbor kids are using up the bandwidth again - sigh

PeggyG: @KarenJanowski-Talke about that-I haven't seen it yet

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Great time length to sahre with teachers

Sarah Sutter: Perfect for short tech sessions - great intros to discussions.

Jennifer McCaleb: back from trick or treaters for a few minutes...crazy here right now

Beth Lloyd: you're too kind!

PeggyG: Beth-why did you choose Voicethread as your tool of choice?

Me: If you havn't done so already, can you add yourself to the map at,-35.507812&spn=168.87031,360&z=1&msid=100025614784655674079.0004579462d62e598e42d

PeggyG: yes can hear fine

Mobbsey: Yep

mrsdurff: yes

lizbdavis: Yes

Beth Lloyd: can anyone hear me?

Me: yes we can hear you'

lizbdavis: We can hear you Beth

Me: let go of the mic

DaveC: Beth, you'll need to release the mic.

PeggyG: are you using any of the online text to audio tools?

Me: Beth...

KarenJanowski: I use them all the time

mrsdurff: unclick the mic

gaild: yes ... I have discovered something new today!

Me: Oh Be-e-e-e-e-eth

PeggyG: @Karen--talk about which ones you like and why

Jennifer McCaleb: i WAS INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT TEXT TO audio also. which ones are the easiest to use?

Me: its working fine gail

PeggyG: computers have a way of keeping us humble

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @chrisB The link for the map goes to a Presidential Historic Map?

KarenJanowski: @jennifer, @ Peggy - check them out here -

PeggyG: How resourceful Chris!!

lizbdavis: I have some people working on it too.

charbeck: email me the moderator for the morning

gaild: part of the problem may be that we are all multi-tasking and several people may be having "compatibility" issues


DaveC: That's the link to the map...

PeggyG: I have seen the tool kit--I'd love to hear you talk about some you really like and why

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): I think the tom tom are going as other moderators are now asking about priviledges

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Thanks DaveC

PeggyG: didn't see that preso yet Durff

KarenJanowski: durff - didn't get your question

Me: try that one Alice...,-35.507812&spn=168.87031,360&z=1&msid=100025614784655674079.0004579462d62e598e42d

KarenJanowski: you were breakng up

Me: hmmm, that's the same link

PeggyG: who's presentation Durff?

KarenJanowski: didn't see that one yet - do you recommend it?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Strange, this time I had K12Online option.

lizbdavis: I really liked Alice, Bob and Cheryl's keynote

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Probably me

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @lizbdavis Thanks so much

KarenJanowski: i've heard great things about your presentation Alice, haven't seen it yet

PeggyG: Yes lizbdavis! It was fun to watch the process used as well as hear the content from Alice, Bob,Cheryl

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): We had so much fun making it. Really was a conversation.

mrsdurff: it looked fun!

mrsdurff: good qt

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Hand hold with students

mrsdurff: i've done both

mrsdurff: don't own Flips

PeggyG: The flip video cam really encourages spontaneous capturing of conversations!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings):

mrsdurff: my students do own editing

PeggyG: It was fun watching people using flip cams during Ignite Phoenix this week. They were everywhere

mrsdurff: want to have students use outsourced video clips this year

gaild: Karen: q for you - we have exchanged comments on autism - have you ever tried using pivot with these students???

mrsdurff: what is pivot?


KarenJanowski: @galid - no, what is pivot?

charbeck: @durff outsource??

Beth lloyd: goblins and ghosts took over my computer...back on now!

mrsdurff: get video from another country

charbeck: thx

mrsdurff: from partner classrooms

gaild: Moderator q - is elluminate an Adobe product?

mrsdurff: no

Me: No gail

KarenJanowski: if at least two teachers from every school watched the videos from K12 online conference, would school every be the same?

Lorna: @Chriswhat software was used to transfer files and edit

KarenJanowski: ever be the same?

mrsdurff: Adobe Connect is their conferencing thing

Sarah Sutter: @karenjan What if all teachers watched two videos . .

Lorna: moives and moblie phone

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): For Flip?

Lorna: as well with Alice and flip cameras

KarenJanowski: @sarah - oohhhh the possibilities!

mrsdurff: and sarah?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): We used macs

Lorna: and i movie

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): We used Isquint, and Quicktime

Sarah Sutter: Using flip, basic digital cams movie setting, and sony handycams much less so since the others are so easy.

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Then Bob meshed the three viseos using Final Cut

Lorna: both

Sarah Sutter: iMovie mostly - I've got quicktime pro for some quickie edits.

lizbdavis: How did you judge the videos?

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): The flip videos give the filmer some real freedom

PeggyG: this is the link with the explanation about how to do the green screen--done by Dean Shareski

Sarah Sutter: I've used Final Cut mostly for my own work, but we don't have licenses for kids.

mrsdurff: two vids there

Lorna: thanks

mrsdurff: my kids learned there

Beth lloyd: Thanks doe the link, Peggy

mrsdurff: now they want me to buy them pinnacle

KarenJanowski: @galid - what is pivot?

PeggyG: That sounds great--green world plans

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Nice! This big global issues are important

mrsdurff: that is a really innovative idea

Me: that was the info we gave the kids...

gaild: Stick figure creator .... we'll communicate after...

Me: you should ahve guest access...

mrsdurff: for this poor teacher it is expensive

PeggyG: Have you seen the Carbon Rally website? encourages people to accept regular challenges for reducing carbon--very educational with lots of great information AND motivation

KarenJanowski: do you have a link?


Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @PeggyG Thanks!

Me: Liz, we had a committee of teachers judge the videos based on the published criteria, and I've also added the movies to a Moodle forum so that others can comment and feedback on their work

PeggyG: I joined the AZ Carbon Rally team and am very excited about the challenges I've participated in--one was reducing printing, one was reducing cooliing by 2 degrees every day

Lorna: @gaild what is you blog url

charbeck: give kids freedom

charbeck: they will produce wonderful stuff

charbeck: we hold them back

charbeck: facilitate not educate

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Yes @charbeck

PeggyG: Awesome Moodle site, Chris!!

charbeck: love your stuff alice

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @charbeck Thank you so much. Love yours too!

gaild: Karen: just google it.... or follow up with me by email

charbeck: or just to live Durff

charbeck: agree totally

mrsdurff: uh?

mrsdurff: what did i miss?

charbeck: they need this to get through life

PeggyG: I thought the global classroom project presos were really informative--Kim Cofino/Jen Wagner and Vicki Davis/Julie Lindsay!

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @Durff haven;t finished yet!

KarenJanowski: good question, durff - still have so many to view

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): So many good ones, which is great!

PeggyG: Such a great point! I wish I had these web 2.0 tools when I was a principal!!

gaild: Lorna - I am putting up a video for you at ... definitely we need to talk ..... I have to sign out, * have many people, mostly younger than me, in my house!!!!

Me: the 20 minute time limit was a big improvement... (but tough to make!)

lizbdavis: Please add your thoughts about this hour of When Night Falls to the wiki here: Especially since we haven't been able to record the session.

Me: dave

DaveC: @Chris, your video was one that I showed to staff. You have a very welcoming video personality.

lizbdavis: Thanks. I moderate in ten minutes.

Me: thanks dave

laura Deisley: trying to get ahold of dean...sheryl didn't have the right link

PeggyG: it has been amazing to see how much content can be packed into 20 min. presos! The practical suggestions really help teachers and administors have the courage to try.

Me: Hi Laura

charbeck: has anyone heard me???

charbeck: perhaps I am too quiet

KarenJanowski: I'm feeling like I should leave this conversation and go watch more presentations!

Me: yes Chris, we heard you come through

charbeck: thanks Chris

KarenJanowski: liz, you are breaking up

charbeck: phew

PeggyG: I also loved the backchanneling preso by Scott Snyder. He demonstrated some valuable uses for high school and did comparisons of the various online tools for backchannelling.

KarenJanowski: anyone else have that problem with liz?

mrsdurff: not here Karen

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): @karen Can hear her fine

mrsdurff: her audio is fine here

Beth lloyd: Yes, I also liked the backchanneling presentation.

ehelfant: audio fine here

PeggyG: I'm hearing fine!

mrsdurff: i hear you

Beth lloyd: Liz, we can hear!

laura Deisley: i hear you fine, liz!

mrsdurff: i talk to myself too

laura Deisley: I hear you fine Liz...

Allanahk: ROFL Liz

mrsdurff: we practiced tracking the speaker today

mrsdurff: with eyes

Beth lloyd: I loved how those quiet kids were given a voice through back channeling!

Me: If I did another preso I'd try to make sure it worked in both video AND audio formats... so much easier to listen to on the drive to work... finding 40 x 20 minutes is tough!

PeggyG: Yes Beth! Scott was very persuasive!

KarenJanowski: ok, it's my computer, i keep losing her

charbeck: is a must

Me: that's a hard question.... since many of us haven't seen that many

mrsdurff: great qt!

lizbdavis: Great question.

Lee Kolbert: I have to catch through my iTunes feed.

Susanvg: still so many to watch

Allanahk: @betchaboy- something you have to see to understand- some wouldn't work on audio only

PeggyG: I loved Sylvia's preso on Gaming in Education too!! It would be a great one to show staff to help them understand pros/cons and alternatives. The power comes from students creating their own games!

DaveC: YES!

Susanvg: Yes - I loved that one too

KarenJanowski: loved that one!

KarenJanowski: and I agree about the voice

charbeck: loved the cathederals

Susanvg: and a great voice

Susanvg: just didn't like the background music

PeggyG: the personal stories and experiences have been so valuable! outstanding modeling of use of tools to tell a story!

lizbdavis: Please add your favorite session to the wiki

KarenJanowski: leaving to go watch a few more presos

PeggyG: I can't pick a favorite

Alice Barr (SEEDlings): Great point@charbeck a nice mix this year

lizbdavis: In the morning?

lizbdavis: Yikes

PeggyG: the sugar high may be what keeps people going for 24 hours

Allanahk: Was down for doing a session later but going out so have removeds myself from the wiki

Jennifer McCaleb: just came home and I've got to go...i'll be back in the morning. thnaks everyone.

mrsdurff: very excellent job!!

lizbdavis: clap clap clap

PeggyG: will someone be saving the chats for all of these sessions?

PeggyG: fantastic kickoff to the culminating activity

Me: Thanks everyone... will be back a bit later.

PeggyG: I'm thinking we can save it each time as an hour ends--that will work won't it?

Me: But hey, I'll see you on Twitter anyway

PeggyG: Thanks Chris!!!