5:00 GMT

Some discussion from the 4:00 GMT session rolled into this one for a somewhat smooth flow. When I took over my mic wasn't working properly but I figured it out eventually. I was nervous initially but Peggy and Darren jumped in and helped me out and things went much more smoothly.

Topics discussed at length:

Using CoveritLive with students in the classroom, high school students were mentioned specifically.

What Notk12 was: still confusion as to the purpose, types of presentations to submit, types of critiques to submit, whether the critiques were for K12 or NotK12. Darren really spent time answering questions and explaining more about NotK12. Presentations could be an extension of K12 or an idea that someone is trying to fine tune or develop. A great reference to Kathy Cassidy was made about her hesitancy to submit, when she did submit the presentation was only 8 minutes long. Her proposal was selected and is still today one of the most emailed and viewed presentations.

Darren covered how proposals are submitted and reviewed for selection as a question was brought up about the quality of the audio in a few presentations. Some had great audio quality and well produced videos and in a few the audio component could barely be heard.

Darren also answered a question about the nature of submitted a critique to Notk12. A question was asked if the critique was intended to be about K12, NotK12, or both. Darren stressed that critiques were to be open, honest but constructive, to focus on ideas not personalities and go beyond a mere comment on a presentation.

The next session wasn't officially moderated so we continued this same conversation about with Darren for about 20 minutes and then Jose Rodriguez stepped in. We discussed professional development of similar type as featured in K12 Online and is this type making an impact locally in our schools with teachers on the front line. The mic was then passed off to Julie Lindsay who continued how PD is conducted at her school.

Thanks for the opportunity conveners!

Kim Caise