For Moderators

Before When Night Falls
  1. Familiarize yourself a bit with the Elluminate environment if you are new to it. You can find help here.
  2. If you haven't already, add yourself to our K12 Online 2008 Participants Google Map. Don't forget to include a link to your blog/website. This map will serve as the central location for participants to stay in touch with each other via their blogs/websites.
  3. Read the Tips For Moderators page on the When Night Falls wiki Tips Add your tips for conversation prompts at the bottom of that page if you have any.
  4. Add your photo of "when night falls" in your location to the "When Night Falls" group. See directions here!

During Your Shift When Night Falls
  1. Start recording right away. Just click on the red dot a the bottom of the Elluminate session.
  2. Have everyone in the room introduce themselves first: name, location, their role in education. i.e. teacher, administrator, etc.
  3. Encourage them to add themselves to the attendr map. Talk them through it if you like.
  4. You have a page on the When Night Falls wiki for your Elluminate session. It is linked from this main summary page. On that page are three headings: bouquets (say nice things about K12 Online), brickbats (what didn't work or go well; constructive criticism) and suggestions for next year. The wiki will be open. Encourage the participants to add their reflections to the wiki so we can make an even better conference next year.
  5. Ask if participants have completed the conference evaluation and direct them to this link to complete it. (Link updated @ 9:40pm GMT 1 Nov 2008)
  6. Keep the conversation moving. It might be a good idea to have a browser window open to the Tips For Moderators page so you can troubleshoot or throw out a conversational prompt if necessary. (i.e. think about this in advance and record your prompts on the wiki to share with all the moderators.)
  7. Stop the recording at the end of your session. Just click on the icon that looks like a VHS tape. The dot will reappear.

After When Night Falls
  1. As soon as you can, write a brief summary of what happened and what was discussed during your shift of When Night Falls. Try to keep it to 200 words or less. Add it to the top of the wiki page for your session which is linked from here.