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Beginning 12:00 AM Saturday, November 1st, 2008 GMT

See the 2007 set of When Night Falls photos here or Here

12:00 AM Saturday, November 1st, 2008 GMT

Join anytime on November 1st.
http://snurl.com/3xbc0 [sas_elluminate_com]

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Photo by James Jordan

As night falls across the planet, educators across the globe are encouraged to participate in the K12 Online culminating event, When Night Falls. This event will be a 24 hour opportunity for participants in the 2008 K12 Online conference to gather around a virtual water cooler or have a virtual shared coffee break (in an Elluminate room), to reflect and connect with friends, both old and new, about their experiences at K12 Online 2008.

The purpose of When Night Falls is twofold:
  1. To give participants an opportunity to share reflections, to build networks and relationships and to make connections with each other. Some of the connections people make at K12 Online will grow into global collaborations for students and support networks for all of us as we continue to push the boundaries of teaching and learning in the 21st century.
  2. To get feedback on this year’s conference as we begin to plan for next year.

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If you've never used Elluminate before, you may want to click here to prepare to enter the Elluminate room.

Prior to joining your When Night Falls session,please take time to complete an evaluation of K12 Online 2008 here!

Click here to enter (this is the updated working link) the Elluminate room for When Night Falls as a participant!

Everyone is invited to submit a photo of when night falls in their own community! See adding your photo and check out the photo page !